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Blue Elephant Energy AG

Blue Elephant Energy AG acquires and operates solar and wind parks (onshore) in eight countries, with a focus on Western and Central Europe. A portfolio of 1,108 MWp has been built up since BEE was founded in 2016. With over 500 MWp capacity, we are the largest solar park operator in the Netherlands. More than 70% of our generation capacity consists of solar parks. We also continuously analyze new technologies such as energy storage with regard to their economic attractiveness and their general suitability as a supplement to our investment strategy.

Our systems generate stable and easily predictable income over the long term. With our commercial and technical know-how, we continuously optimize our portfolio and increase profitability. This enables us to offer our investors attractive and reliable returns.

Our solar and wind parks make a substantial contribution to sustainable energy supply and climate protection. By the end of 2020, the BEE had saved 956,419 t of CO2 and had supplied 711,028 households with clean energy. In addition, as part of our ESG strategy, we are involved locally (e.g. in Chile and the Dominican Republic) with social projects in the areas of education, the environment and health care that directly benefit the local population.

When acquiring solar and wind parks, we prefer to rely on long-term partners, especially project developers, with whom we work trustingly and who appreciate our reliability and dynamism. As part of cooperation agreements with some project developers, we have secured a further 1.391 MWp solar park capacity. This project pipeline is constantly being expanded. After successful development and subsequent construction, these systems will gradually be transferred to our portfolio over the next few years.

In addition to the equity of the shareholders and project financing at the level of the individual parks, capital participation rights from medium-sized insurers ensure solid financing for the continuation of our dynamic growth


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